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Get the Word Out: Why a Press Release is Essential for Your New Book Launch


You've finally finished writing your book. All that's left is getting it out into the world! But how do you spread the word and generate that initial buzz? Sending out a press release should be an indispensable part of your book launch strategy.


A well-crafted press release will get your book vital media coverage and visibility. By succinctly announcing your book's publication and framing it in an appealing news angle, you can capture journalists' interest. A press release fuels word-of-mouth and social media sharing, creating momentum around your launch.


Press releases lend credibility and authority too. Media coverage makes you seem like an established expert and author worth paying attention to. This can inspire readers to purchase your book. Prominent media pick-up also looks impressive on your author bio and website.


Don't skip the opportunity to get free exposure and publicity. A press release maximizes discoverability, allowing you to reach far beyond your existing network. Pair it with a professional book review for even greater impact.


Make sure your release summarizes the book's key details, themes, and highlights. Quote yourself to convey your inspiration and expertise. Include boilerplate information about you as the author. Optimize with keywords like "new book," "book release," "author press release," and your genre.


Get your book off to a standout start by letting the media know it exists. A targeted press release, especially when combined with a book review, is one of the most effective tools for launching your latest work into the world. 


The best news is that we can do all the work for you, from crafting a great release to getting it posted on top media sites around the world. Find out more about our services at